Additional Clerk Services and Information Print

Additional Services and information that can be obtained through the City Clerk’s Office includes:

Voter Registration: Available at City Hall during business hours. Registration requires individuals be 18 years of age, and a US citizen who resides at their present address for at least 30 days prior to the election. You will need to display two pieces of identification; at least one of them must include your present address. (Driver’s license preferred).

Solid Waste Hauler: Countryside residents can select the waste hauler of their choice from among several local companies. The City of Countryside does not have a waste hauling contract for residential or commercial properties.
  • Republic – (708) 345-7050
  • Groot – (708) 485-0900
  • Flood Brothers Disposal – (630) 261-040
  • LRS Recycling – (630) 377-7000
  • Waste Management (WM) – (708) 409-9700
Animal License: All dogs should be registered and licensed with the City of Countryside. The license is free of charge, and available at the Police Department, when owners supply a copy of their pet(s) County Rabies Inoculation Certificate. Animal license and identification tags provide quick identification of an animal’s owner, and proof of rabies protection, to aid in both the return of stray dogs to their owners and treatment of victims of dog bites.

Animal Removal: Residents with a dead or dying, wild or stray animal on their property may call the Police Department non-emergency line (708) 352-2171 for a referral to an animal control service. Fees for animal removal will be charged to the resident; however, residents may make their own removal arrangements.

Driveway Apron Snow Removal for senior citizen, handicapped, or disabled residents: The Department of Public Works will plow away the snow that remains at the bottom end of your driveway after all City streets have been plowed. Residents are required to register each season for this program by contacting the Clerk’s office.