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Crime Free Housing Logo In 2015, the City of Countryside adopted an ordinance (15-40-O) implementing a Crime Free Rental Housing Program. Crime Free Rental Housing was originally developed by the Mesa, Arizona Police Department in 1992 and is a crime prevention program designed to reduce criminal activity in and around apartments and rental properties.
The Crime Free Rental Housing Program gives rental property owners and managers a powerful tool to help reduce the instances of criminal activity in individual rented units. The cornerstone of the program is a lease addendum that puts potential tenants on notice that they are liable for any criminal activity within their units and, if criminal activity does occur, the lease can be terminated and the eviction process initiated. By establishing this successful program, the City of Countryside hopes to reduce police calls for service, build a more stable resident base, reduce exposure to civil liability, and improve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods.

Landlords and property owners/managers are required to attend a 4 hour Crime Free Rental Housing training seminar which educates them on the Crime Free Housing Ordinance, provides tips on screening rental applicants, and shares State landlord/tenant laws.

Upcoming Crime Free Housing Seminars: