City Administrator's Office Print

The City Administrator’s Office consists of the following two key Staff members:

  • Gail Paul, City Administrator
  • Maurine Cody, Human Resources Assistant

In addition to the general oversight of all City Departments (excluding Police) and functions, the primary responsibilities of the City Administrator and her staff are the following:

  • Oversees the following departments: a) City Clerk, b) Community Development, c) Public Works, d) Finance, e) Flagg Creek Golf Course.
  • Serves as the City Council’s chief advisor keeping them informed on all important matters.
  • Human resource functions include recruiting, supervising and disciplining personnel.
  • Implements and administers City ordinances and resolutions.
  • In conjunction with the Finance Department, recommends tax levy, recommends and administers the appropriation ordinance, and recommends capital projects and financing options.
  • At the request of the Mayor and other elected officials, prepares reports and responds to requests for information.
  • Serves as advisor to City Council and works closely with consultants regarding all activity related to economic development.
  • Promotes and maintains responsive community relations with residents and businesses.
  • Participates in collective bargaining negotiations.
  • Risk management, including claim administration.