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Mayor Sean R. McDermott
Mayor Sean McDermott photoMayor Sean McDermott and his wife Barbara are 20 year residents of the City of Countryside. The three McDermott children attended Lyons Township High School. Sean McDermott was elected Mayor in April, 2015 after serving over 7 years as a Ward 3 Alderman. Mayor...

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Treasurer Courtney Bolt

Treasurer Courtney Bolt photoCourtney (Essig) Bolt was appointed City Treasurer by Mayor Sean McDermott and the City Council on September 8, 2021. Courtney comes from a long line of Countryside residents. She was raised in the community since she was nine. Courtney lives with her husband Mike...

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City Clerk Elizabeth A. Kmet
City Clerk Elizabeth Kmet photo

Liz Kmet has been a resident of the City of Countryside since 2001. She has an extensive background in marketing and management, having received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from Northern Illinois University in 1981, and having worked for organizations such as the American...

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Alderman - Ward 1 Tom Frohlich
Ward 1 Alderman Thomas Frohlich photo

Tom was appointed Alderman of Ward 1 by Mayor Sean McDermott and the City Council on June 9, 2021. Tom is also a member of the Flagg Creek Golf Course Advisory Board. Tom and his wife, Therese, have lived in Countryside since 1985, and...

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Alderman - Ward 1 John Finn
ward 1 Alderman John Finn photo

John was appointed Alderman of Ward 1 in July, 2016 by Mayor Sean McDermott to fill the vacancy created by the unfortunate death of Bob Pondelicek. John hopes to follow in Bob’s footsteps by working hard on behalf of and being available to all...

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Alderman - Ward 2 John Von Drasek
Ward 2 Alderman John Von Drasek photo

John has been a Countryside resident for over twenty years and resides in Ward 2 with his wife Kathy of  twenty five years who works at a local hospital. They have six children. John was the owner and founder of Von Drasek Roofing Inc....

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Alderman - Ward 2 Thomas A. Mikolyzk
Ward 2 Alderman Thomas Mikolyzk photo

Tom and his wife Amy Kessel, the daughter of Countryside area family physician Dr. Kenneth Kessel, have lived in Countryside since 1991. They have four grown children and eight grandchildren. Tom is a retired Head of School and college professor. Tom holds a BA in...

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Alderman - Ward 3 Scott Musillami
Ward 3 Alderman Scott Musillami photo

Alderman Musillami and his wife Tami have been Ward 3 residents for thirty years.  They have two children, Ryan and Megan, who graduated from Lyons Township High School.  Both children furthered their education with Ryan graduating from Eastern Illinois University and Megan graduating from...

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Alderman - Ward 3 Mark Benson
Ward 3 Alderman Mark Benson photo

Mark Benson was appointed Alderman of Ward 3 by Mayor Sean McDermott after Sean was elected mayor in April, 2015. Mark grew up in La Grange Highlands, attended St. Cletus School, Lyons Township High School, and Eastern Illinois University. He has lived in Countryside...

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