Treasurer Courtney Bolt Print

Bolt_Courtney_35x5-210x300Courtney (Essig) Bolt was appointed City Treasurer by Mayor Sean McDermott and the City Council on September 8, 2021. Courtney comes from a long line of Countryside residents. She was raised in the community since she was nine. Courtney lives with her husband Mike and three sons: Mason, Colin, and Cameron.

She attended Pleasantdale Elementary School, Lyons Township High School, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. Courtney is an active member and volunteer in Pleasantdale’s PTO. She worked many summers as a paraprofessional with LADSE (LaGrange Area Department of Special Education). She volunteered at Christ Community Church in Lemont in their Children’s Worship Program. Courtney has worked at Flagg Creek Golf Course since 2012. Growing up, Courtney attended Countryfest and the Countryside Children’s Christmas parties and is looking forward to helping out at these events now as a newly-appointed official. Courtney loves the City of Countryside and is eager to work alongside the City Council and the community.